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  • MyIDinJesus

My Identity in Jesus

All too often, we think of Christians as religious “doers”. Go to Church. Read your Bible. Help the little old lady cross the road. Step out in faith. Serve in the nursery. Teach a Bible study. Cook a meal for […]

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  • idcrisis

Having an Identity Crisis?

There are a number of jokes that have been circulating the internet and are in little gift books. They are always titled something like, “You know you’re _______ if you’ve ever…”, “You know you’re a pastor if…”, or “You know […]

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  • whowasjesus

Who was Jesus?

There are a lot of people who have opinions on who Jesus was. Some say that He is a good teacher, others say that He is a prophet or a profound philosopher. There are those who state that Jesus is God. One way or another Jesus has been the most talked about man who has ever lived. There are more debates on who Jesus really was, more books written revolving around His life than any other man who has ever lived. Jesus Himself stated He was one with the Father and that He is one with God Himself.

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