HowtoShareyourFaith If we’re honest we all want to share our faith but often don’t know how. What method do I use? Do you ask them a question or start out with a Bible verse? Should I be carrying some handy prop to help explain what the Gospel? What happens if now isn’t the right time to share? What if they reject me and I never get the chance to become their friend or finish explaining what Jesus means to me? These are concerns and fears that trouble us. Many people have gone to great depths to explain methods of how to share your faith and the gospel with other people, so I realize I’m not reinventing the wheel here but I think the Bible gives us some solid pointers on how to share our faith.

I hope that as you go out to share your faith that you will have the courage and the boldness to follow God’s prompting as you use common ground as a starting point then share your story and just tell them what happened. Then you can proclaim to a lost world wondering in darkness, “I ONCE WAS BLIND, BUT NOW I SEE!”