paradox_thumbHe is absurd, always proving what we think we know to be wrong. His Kingdom seems upside down because we like things with a certain side up. His way of living is backwards to the ways the world lives.

To the unlovable, He is love. To the fatherless, He is their Father.

He is the Father to those who hate their fathers. He is a dictator to those who refuse to be ruled or surrender. He is a lover to those who have been burned by love. To those who do not believe in the unseen, He is unseen. To those who are blind, He is visible. To those who are wise, He is foolishness. Yet to those who are foolish, He presents Himself as wisdom and understanding. To those who would pray to false gods, He reveals their fabrication. To those who say that He is not there, He is present. For those who spread falsehood and lies, He is truth and honesty. To those who are judgmental, He is merciful and full of grace. To those who shake their fists demanding God give an answer, He is silent and does not respond.

To those who are thirsty, He is living water. To those who are starving, he is a feast.

To those who think they have everything, He is unobtainable and out of reach. To those who are at the end of their rope, He is their hero. To those who would have nothing to do with Him, He will not leave them alone. To those who are lonely, He is their friend. To those who are helpless, He is their helper. To those who are in great sorrow, He is their comfort. To those who believe God to be harsh, He is gentle. To the person who is selfish and obsessed with lust, He is selfless and loving. To the person who is filled with anger and hatred, He is full of peace and love. To the person searching for answers, He is both the question and answer. To the person who is at their beginning, He is also the period, the end. To the person who is at the end, He brings a new beginning. To the person who is dying, He brings life.

To those who would seek to harm others, He plans their ultimate ruin. To those who feel lost, His truth is a compass to guide them. To those who feel hurt, His breath is healing to their souls. To those who refuse to believe in Him, He is the wonder that confounds their understanding. To those who would come to Him, He is the door greeter to let them in. To those who seek revenge, He is the one to hide and conceal. To those who always need answers, He brings more questions. To those who seek to use Him for their own means, He evades them.

To those who demand Him to speak, He is silent. To the one who looks for reasons to doubt Him, He reveals reasons to believe. To those who would kill Him, He comes back to life. To those who evade the law, He brings judgment and justice. To those curse His people, He changes their words to blessing. To those who are greedy, He blocks their path and robs them in the night. To those who are generous with what little they have, He blesses them and makes their resources over flow with abundance. To those who sin against Him, He provides a way of redemption. To those who rest in their evil, He steals their peace in the night. To those who suffer punishment, He offers the promise of new beginnings.

To those who cannot speak up for themselves, He provides words to speak against kings and rulers. To those who wonder from Him for years in the desert, He raises a new generation of promise. To those who ask for double the power to do His work, He provides it. To the one who is betrayed, He provides a plan through it all. To the one who has nothing left, He multiplies even that little bit. To the one who is depressed and hungry, He provides ravens with food and angels to comfort them. To the one who thinks they are the last to serve Him, He provides hundreds who still stand strong. To the one is old and grey, He provides the promised child. To the one who relies on numbers, He diminishes those they count on. To the one who wrestles Him in dreams, He grants a new name.

To those who are ashamed, He provides a covering. To those who deny Him, He provides forgiveness and a new beginning. To those who left family and houses to follow Him, He provides family and homes for them wherever they go. To those who are trapped in by waters, He parts the way. To those who grumble and complain, He makes what they do have rot in their mouth. To those who run from Him, He sends even the storm and creature to chastise them.

He is where you would not think to look. He says things you would never imagine Him to say. His thoughts are above our own. To every man, woman and child, He is what you would not expect, He is often the opposite of what you would give, many times the opposite of what you want, but always exactly what you need.